Report of Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction (COMP6341) Project 2017


For our Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction final project, we create an education game using construct 2. We named our game Kenny the knight. Kenny the knight is a simple game, that ask our users to move the character (Kenny the knight) and answer all questions in order to finish the game (complete the mission).Our target audience for this game are kindergarten kids. We decided to create a simple puzzle game for this final project. We made a simple puzzle game that consist of six different question.We aware that kindergarten kids still can’t understand some function on the computer keyboard, so we decided to apply a simple button to move the character (arrow button) and also the computer mouse to help the users solve the puzzle.


1.Main Menu

This is our game main menu layout, we used adobe premiere pro to create our main menu layout. To make this kind of menu, we simply add an object named “movie” (in the construct 2) and import the Mp4 that we want to use.

  • Direction

In this game layout, it will show our users on how to move the character properly(Prince Kenny) by using the keyboard button.


2. Game (section 1)

In this section, the user will get referrals from our artificial helpers (the woman). She will tell the instruction on how to complete the first round of our game.

 in this section player have 3 questions to be completed in order to go to the next section.


  • 1st question


  • 2nd question


  • 3rd question

The users only have to find five (5) differences from each picture/question that we made. After they (users) has finished the last question users can move to the next section by moving the character to the finish flag.


3. Game (Next section)

in this last section, the user only has 1 question left and after finish this question the user can reach the crown and win this game.

The user finally enter the last round of the game. In this round we made it different than before. In this round the users only need to click and find the fallen animals according to the picture on the top right corner. and the amount of animals that fall will be decrease every time the user click on the right animal.

4. The End of The Game.

This is the end of the game, finally Prince Kenny got the crown and the user finish the game.


We apply a mute/unmute feature, so the users will be able to control the game sound. We provide the mute button on the top right corner of each layout.




6. Credits


Team Member:

  • Anthony Nugroho (2001614801)
  • Veber Sormin (2001622614)
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